PCs for People Illinois Celebrates Earth Day through Tech Drive and Grand Reopening

PCs for People Illinois celebrated Earth Day with a Grand Reopening on Friday, April 21. As part of the event, the Cook County facility at 4535 Southwest Highway in Oak Lawn, IL, conducted tours in their e-recycling and refurbishing center and customer giveaways in their retail store.
Additionally, in partnership with Alliant Credit Union, PCs for People hosted an electronics drive on April 19 to support safe and responsible electronics recycling and increase computer access among digitally disadvantaged populations. The half-day event, hosted in celebration of Earth Month, provided a practical solution for used devices while contributing to environmental sustainability. Electronic waste contributes to over 50 million tons of waste annually, and through this event, 8,740 pounds of e-waste was prevented from ending up in landfills as PCs for People recycles up to 95% of non-refurbishable devices back to their original form, and over 4% is used for renewable energy.
PCs for People Illinois offers certified refurbished equipment at affordable prices to customers who meet low-income eligibility guidelines (more information available at www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility). In-store, Linux desktop computers start at $0, Windows desktops start at $30, and Windows laptops start at $50. PCs for People also offers low-cost internet service with no contracts or hidden fees. To sign up, eligible customers can pay $60 for the device and then $15 per month for service (or receive free service through the Affordable Connectivity Program).
For more information about e-recycling or affordable computers/internet, please visit pcsforpeople.org/cookcounty.