We can help you get the technology your team needs to serve our communities.

We are proud to work with nonprofits, schools, museums, housing authorities, and other community organizations across the country to provide low-cost technology. We know how tight budgets can be and never want a high price tag to be a barrier for people seeking to make a difference for the community.

How many computers does your team need?

PCs for People provides refurbished technology and computers for eligible nonprofits at a low cost.

Five or less computers

If you are an eligible organization in need of five computers or less, you can shop for refurbished desktop or laptop computers and tech accessories on our online store. During checkout, you will be prompted to upload documentation meeting the requirements above.

Eligible nonprofits can purchase refurbished low cost quality computers in bulk from PCs for People

Six or more computers

If you need six or more computers, you can email us directly at partner@pcsforpeople.org and we will be happy to help you find the best solution for your team. We offer a wide range of computer models and configurations for eligible organizations, so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and meets your needs. 

Eligibility Requirements

Community organizations must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to purchase technology from PCs for People.

  • Nonprofit organizations must submit documentation of 501(c)(3) status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
  • Educational institutions must submit documentation showing their status as an accredited academic or vocational institution.
  • Preschools must submit documentation showing they provide educational services to children, serve at least ten children, and have been in operation for at least one year.
  • Educational administrative offices must submit documentation showing status as either:
    1. District, regional, state, provincial, or national administrative offices
    2. Offices organized and operated exclusively for administration purposes
    3. Government groups whose activities primarily consist of providing administrative support for educational institutions
  • Public museums must submit documentation showing that they are:
    1. Organized primarily for educational or aesthetic purposes
    2. Have a professional or volunteer staff
    3. Own or use real objects, care for them, and exhibit them to the public on a regular basis

Please Note:

Community organizations are unfortunately not eligible to purchase:

  • Any computers that come equipped with Microsoft Office 2019.
  • Internet hotspots for internal use (i.e. staff use, check-out programs, etc.). If your organization will maintain ownership of the internet devices, please visit mobilebeacon.org/techsoup (libraries and nonprofits) or www.digitalwish.org (schools).
  • Eligible nonprofit organizations can only order up to five computers when shopping online. If your organization requires technology in bulk, please contact partner@pcsforpeople.org to discuss available products and receive pricing information. Bulk orders can also provide custom computer configurations that are not otherwise available online or in stores.
  • If your organization is looking for custom computer configurations or other special orders, please contact partner@pcsforpeople.org to discuss available products and receive pricing information.

Interested in subsidizing computers for your community?

We are proud to partner with organizations across the country to decrease the already-low cost of our quality computers for those in need.