Your data security is a top priority.

With PCs for People’s certified e-recycling services, you can safely dispose of your used technology free of charge. 

Data breaches cost companies an average of $4 million per instance and 80% of customers refuse to shop with companies who compromise their data. To maintain your organization’s reputation as a trustworthy brand, you must ensure that your company’s and customers’ sensitive information is secure.

We provide complimentary data sanitization for every device using DOD, HIPAA, and NIST 800-88 compliant software. If not all data can be destroyed, we responsibly dispose of the physical assets through an eStewards or R2 certified organization.

Certified Data Destruction & No-Landfill Recycling

PCs for People is NAID AAA certified, meaning the data on your used technology is protected through strict adherence to the highest standards of information destruction and hard drive sanitization.

We are also certified in the R2 standard, which means we practice environmentally responsible recycling. When we receive a computer that needs to be recycled rather than refurbished, we remove all of the usable parts to use to refurbish other computers. Non-functional parts are broken into their natural components and recycled with an independently audited recycling partner.

More than 95% of used technology waste is recycled to its original form and over 4% is used for renewable energy.

We guarantee your used equipment and old data will have a safe journey.

PCs for People is an iSigma Member

Baltimore, MD

Belleville, IL (Greater St. Louis)

Cleveland, OH

Denver, CO

Kansas City, MO

St. Paul, MN

Denver, CO

St. Paul, MN

Secure Transportation & Storage

Once we arrive at a customer's facility and complete all NAID AAA certified data destruction forms, we become legally responsible for the electronics and any data stored on it. All electronics are loaded into our truck and secured within the vehicle to prevent loss from theft, wind, tipping, or any other outside conditions. The truck is locked and never left alone until it reaches our secure warehouse.

Comprehensive Data Sanitization

At all times during the data sanitization or destruction process, hard drives are under the supervision of a certified Access Employee. Using a NIST 800-88 compliant method, random data is written through the entirety of the storage device in order to destroy all recoverable data on the device.

Physical Destruction of Remaining Assets

If for any reason we cannot erase all sensitive data using our software, the storage device will be physically shredded and recycled in an environmentally sound manner.