Bridging the Digital Divide: PCs for People Ohio and John Carroll University’s Internship Partnership

PCs for People Ohio is partnering with John Carroll University (JCU) to make a significant impact on both students and the community.

PCs for People Ohio and John Carroll University

This innovative partnership between PCs for People Ohio and John Carroll University has created a unique student internship opportunity. The program, which began as a collaborative effort to address the digital divide, has since grown into a powerful educational experience for both PCs for People and JCU students.

Internship Overview

The number of students participating in this internship program varies each semester, depending on the number of students who sign up at the beginning of the term. This flexibility allows for a dynamic learning environment that can accommodate the needs and interests of students.

Selection for the internship is simple: students sign up for the opportunity through JCU at the beginning of each semester. This approach ensures that those who are genuinely interested in making a difference in their community get a chance to participate.

During their internship, students are engaged in various duties that are essential to PCs for People’s mission. These duties include assembling keyboard packs, packing computers, cleaning and testing monitors, and assisting with the logistical aspects of shipping and receiving. These tasks give students a hands-on experience in the world of technology and its impact on communities.

Skills and Learning Outcomes

The internship program is not just about completing tasks; it’s an educational journey. Participants gain valuable skills and insights, including:

  1. Understanding PCs for People’s Operations: Students get a firsthand look at how PCs for People Ohio operates, understanding the inner workings of a non-profit organization focused on digital inclusion.
  2. Mission Awareness: Through their tasks, interns come to appreciate the importance of each activity as it directly relates to PCs for People’s mission of bridging the digital divide. They witness how their efforts contribute to making technology more accessible to underserved communities.
  3. Logistics and Operations: Students learn about shipping and receiving logistics, providing them with practical knowledge that can be applied to various industries and careers.

The Impact and BenefitsJohn Carroll University and PCs for People students work together through an internship program to bridge the digital divide.

While the internship does not lead to immediate employment with PCs for People Ohio, it offers invaluable benefits to both the organization and the students involved. As Tyia Patchen, PCs for People Ohio Community Impact Manager, notes:

“The partnership that PCs for People has with John Carroll University has given students the opportunity to have an internship opportunity. This internship has increased our efforts to continue to Bridge the Digital Divide in our Community. The students learn the Importance of technology and the wealth of knowledge and opportunities it brings to our clients.”

For PCs for People Ohio, this partnership means extra hands to support their mission and raise awareness about the digital divide. It allows them to reach more underserved individuals and families, providing them with access to affordable computers and the internet.

For JCU students, the internship offers a chance to engage in meaningful community service, develop practical skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the societal impact of technology. It’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves and contribute to a more equitable and connected world.

In conclusion, the partnership between PCs for People Ohio and John Carroll University exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing critical societal issues. Through this internship program, students not only gain valuable skills and knowledge but also actively contribute to closing the digital divide. It’s a win-win situation that makes the digital world a more accessible place for all.