Affordable, High-Speed Broadband Solutions

We are committed to serving internet deserts and areas of poverty, regardless of location. Through partnerships with organizations in the community – such as local governments, schools, housing authorities, libraries, and nonprofits –  we’re able to meet the broadband needs in each neighborhood in multiple ways.

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Fixed Wireless Internet

PCs for People offers fixed wireless internet for underserved areas. Using the 4G LTE technology of large phone carriers, fixed wireless allows speeds of up to 120Mbps at an affordable price.

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Multi-Dwelling Unit Internet

We offer multi-dwelling units (MDUs), like apartments and condos, wireless internet access for residents. By installing wireless access points throughout the building, residents gain access to low cost, high speed internet at home.

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Wireless Hotspots

We are continuing to offer mobile hotspots for affordable high-speed internet service on the go. Starting at $15.00 per month, this is an affordable option for low income individuals looking for to bring their service wherever they are.

Current Locations

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