PCs for People offers affordable computer repair to eligible
recipients who already own a computer.

Participants can bring in a computer to one of our store locations and have it repaired. We do not accept Apple computers or tablets at this time.

Basic repairs are $25, although the first Windows reinstall on a computer from us is free.

There may be additional charges:

  • If parts need to be ordered that we don’t have in stock, the cost of ordering the new part is added to the $25 basic repair fee.
  • For a laptop that requires a screen replacement, we charge a $35 repair fee.
  • Services that require us to open up the laptop will be charged $45.
  • Virus removals cost $45.

There may be other fees depending on the extent of service needed.

Every attempt will be made to complete your repair within 2 weeks. Once it is completed, we will call the number provided when the computer was dropped off.  If you have questions, please contact us. We will respond at our earliest convenience.

This service is not available via shipping except for issues related to the 1 year warranty for online orders.

A laptop computer being opened for repair.