How Much Does Internet Cost Per Month?

How Much Does Internet Cost Per Month?
Did you know that internet costs vary greatly depending on location and availability? Broadband internet prices generally range from $20 to $300 a month. The cost depends on the type of internet selected, the download speed, and the company you purchase from. For instance, Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) can cost around $50 a month. However, Astound offers monthly prices as low as $20, while Xfinity charges up to $300 monthly. 

The good news is that PCs for People offers you prepaid internet for just $15 per month for hotspot-based service on the T-Mobile network nationwide or through our fixed wireless internet available in specific areas. 

By utilizing the same 4G LTE technology as large phone carriers, fixed wireless networks provide an affordable and reliable solution for high-speed internet. Our company is committed to bringing this technology to underserved areas, connecting residents to the digital world, and empowering them to achieve their goals. With the PCs for People internet towers we install, we are bridging the digital divide and opening up new possibilities for those who need it most.

A survey of 37 internet service providers (ISPs) across the country found that the average cost is $65 per month, supported by Consumer Reports’ recent findings of a median monthly cost of $74.99.

One factor that can significantly impact your monthly bill is the download speed you choose. While higher speeds come at a higher cost, they’re essential for households with multiple people who work from home or enjoy playing online games. On the other hand, households with lighter internet usage may benefit from a lower-speed plan to keep costs down. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve provided a breakdown of average monthly internet costs based on download speed in the table below. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on your location. Choose wisely to enjoy a reliable and cost-effective internet connection that meets your needs.

Consider exploring your options and finding an affordable internet plan that suits your needs. Contact Us!