There are huge differences between a refurbished computer, a used computer, and a second-hand computer. This ultimate guide will explain what a refurbished laptop is and give tips on sourcing and buying affordable refurbished laptops in 2022

What are Refurbished Laptops?

There are many types of refurbished laptops. Let’s take a look here at some of the various distinctions.

Some refurbished laptops are computers returned for any reason. They are cleaned, inspected, and repaired if needed and are usually resold with a full warranty. The data of the previous owner, if there is any, is wiped from the laptop restoring its factory settings. They are brand-new laptops removed from their packaging or sent to the original manufacturer for fixing and sold for lower prices.

A canceled order, overstocking, store models, and damages from shipping can cause computers to need refurbishing. However, sometimes people can be lucky and get a brand-new laptop.

Refurbished laptops are not the same as used laptops. A used computer was previously owned and comes with no warranty or updates. Typically, used laptop batteries lose power quickly.

On the other hand, when consumers buy refurbished computers, they can be assured that they’re getting a like-new machine. So when searching for a refurbished laptop, the goal is not to find any old or second-hand laptop but instead to find one that works just as well as a new computer of the same model.

Refurbished Laptop Grades

Grade A Laptops: A grade A refurbished computer is an open-box computer that hasn’t been used. Either because they were returned immediately after purchase or are unwanted. They are usually sold in their original box. They also sometimes come with all the original accessories. This is the closest option to buying a new device.

Grade B Laptops: These refurbished computers are visibly used and may have cosmetic issues. There are refurbished laptops that might have slight scratches. They come with a compatible or original charger. A Grade B computer may cost 20% less than a new computer.

Grade C Laptops: Compared to a Grade B, wear will be more evident with a Grade C computer as it may have apparent dents and scratches.

Why Choose a Refurbished Laptop

why choose a refurbished laptop
Why choose a refurbished laptop?

How Do I Source Refurbished Laptops?

Some merchants provide refurbishing programs, which either restore the computers themselves or hire outside companies. For instance, users can get great deals for refurbished computers at PCs for People stores or online. These programs typically explain their strict guidelines for vetting sellers so that customers can be assured they are buying quality products.

Who Should Buy a Refurbished Computer?

Refurbished computers and laptops are a great choice for children.
Refurbished computers and laptops are a great choice for children.

Refurbished computers save people from spending a lot of cash while providing excellent performance, especially when bought from a trusted seller. This is why they are an excellent option for many people.

When Should I Not Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Generally speaking, consumers should steer clear of refurbished equipment older than five years because the device can be old-fashioned, and they might not be able to operate the programs you require.

Consumers can look into older refurbished computers if they only need to perform essential functions like word processing and internet browsing. An old laptop doesn’t necessarily equate to a negative experience.

A refurbished product should ultimately function and appear much like a brand-new computer. While it might not perform as well as brand-new models, its components should still work.

Where Can I Buy Refurbished Computers?

Where can I buy refurbished computers?
Where can I buy refurbished computers?

You can also source factory-refurbished laptops. Look at programs from reputable stores like Dell outlets, PCs for People, and organizations that are prepared to provide references and extensive information about their services before making a purchase.