Thinking of Boosting Education Services? We Offer The Best Low-Cost Tech For Schools

School books and tuition already cost a fortune, so the last thing you need is expensive educational technology.

PCs for People’s low-cost computers can help you to spend less and achieve more in your educational programming. Our social enterprise is dedicated to providing low-cost quality computers to people and nonprofits who need them.

Read on to find out how to access our low-cost tech for your education.

4 Reasons Why Our Second-Hand Computers Are A Great Option

It's increasingly hard for today's students to access education opportunities without computer access.
It’s increasingly hard for today’s students to access education opportunities without computer access.

In recent years, our refurbished computers have been the absolute best option for schools because:

1. You Help the Environment

At PCs for People, we recycle and refurbish computers to provide valuable services to schools.

Repurposing computers also helps keep our planet clean by minimizing electronic waste that goes into landfills.

Our computers are collected through a certified and secure recycling system. This ensures privacy and data security through our NAID AAA certified process before distribution.

2. They are Affordable

We are working to introduce new learning styles and improve educational experiences.
We are working to introduce new learning styles and improve educational experiences.

Your school’s finances do not have to take a hit. Also, parents do not have to be burdened by the cost of buying laptops for their children. Purchasing our refurbished computers is the perfect solution because you will save money compared to buying a new device.

PCs for People is also a participating provider in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides a $100 device benefit discount for eligible customers.

3. Reliability

PCs for People is a reputable company that will ensure your school is provided with professionally restored computers. Our computers are high-quality devices that will serve you through many lessons for years to come.

Our computers will make it easy for your school to transition into remote learning and virtual classes. Also, students can connect globally and learn how to exchange ideas with others from other countries.

low cost tech for schools
In a circular economy, products last longer.

4. You Become Part of a Circular Economy

Engaging in the circulation of recycled computers means that your school will benefit by consuming less and more responsibly. This will create a systemic change through such sustainable programs that the school can engage in as part of community development.

Why Technology is Important for Schools

Using laptops in classrooms helps speed up and enhance certain processes. For example, students can use computers to develop materials, manage information, communicate, and conduct research.

Having computers as part of the classroom technology tools will also give students access to a huge wealth of information through sites and apps such as YouTube and other media platforms.

PCs for People offers affordable tech alternatives for schools to ensure that students are supplied with unlimited resources for learning. Using computers will also make educators’ jobs easier, more accessible, and more flexible.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Used Computers?

affordable tech for schools
We recognize that unfortunate things can happen to both new and used laptops, so we offer repair services.

Here are the most important factors to consider:

Software. Good open-source software and other features allow teachers to use high-end, affordable interactive software.

Warranties and Returns. Our laptops have a one-year hardware warranty and a 30-day return policy to make sure our customers are supported in their purchases.

Memory. A laptop with a good memory will help you to create technology-rich classes and help you to integrate different subjects, devices, concepts, and gadgets. Also, kids can engage in writing, play, and learning for several hours on their tablets or laptop.

Storage. Our computers come with different-sized RAMs, depending on the price. Buying the right size of RAM will allow students to watch and download all content without worrying about space.

Processor. The options are endless when it comes to CPUs. A sound processor should allow for easy browsing.

Budget. PCs for People offers great deals on laptops and desktops, which puts us on top of the list of companies you should consider.

Operating system. A computer with a powerful OS will enable students to take notes, stream shows, and create presentations quickly and easily.

Need help making your decision? Reach out to us at for assistance!

Why You Should Consider PCs for People For The Best Deals on Pre-Owned Laptops

Additional Accessories

We offer included shipping for orders in the contiguous U.S. and secure shopping through this program. Professionally refurbished laptops start online at $100. We also offer bulk nonprofit and school purchasing. These are best suited for schools.

PCs for People offers additional items at a minimal cost. These include monitors, web cameras, speakers, wireless USB adapters, and wireless mice.

We are Certified Refurbishers

Got computers to recycle? PCs for People is NAID AAA certified and we guarantee the safe handling of your old data and used equipment.

We offer secure transportation and storage, comprehensive data sanitization, and physical destruction of remaining data.

We Operate All Over the Country

We have several retail locations across the U.S. stocked with low-cost technology. We also have drop-off locations and secure pickup points ideal for corporations. You can find us in Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, Georgia, Maryland, and Illinois; and we are still growing and expanding our reach.

30-day Return Policy

We offer a 30-day return policy on all our computers.


We also have a 1-year warranty on PC hardware. PCs for People also offer affordable computer repair to eligible customers.

Lifetime Customer Support

Our computers and internet come with lifetime customer support through our Support center portal, by phone, and in-store.

How To Access Our Products and Services

Eligibility Criteria

PCs for People is a nonprofit organization that offers affordable technology to nonprofits and low-income individuals and families who meet our eligibility requirements.

We focus on individual customers and nonprofits with low income, including those participating in government-based programs. To find out if you are eligible, please visit

PCs for People will require your photo identification and qualifying income documents in order to complete your purchase. You can send your documents via email or fax or upload them online.

Sign Up on Our Portal Today

It is easy to sign up online, create your account, and make purchases, or you can visit any of our physical locations. For bulk nonprofit/school orders, please reach us through our website at or email