PCs for People has refurbished laptop computers available at our Saint Paul and Denver stores.
Online orders are shipped nationwide.

Laptop Computers

PCs for People has refurbished computers available at our stores. All stores carry desktop computers while laptops are only available in Denver and Saint Paul.

Two laptop computers.

In-Store Donation Categories

When you make a voluntary donation you will receive:



Suitable for most home uses.
4 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive



Suitable for many home uses including school work, internet, videos and recreation; 4 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive



Fastest computers we have available (i5 or i7 processor), good for games, videos, and more; 6 GB RAM, SSD or 500 GB hard drive, Microsoft Office Installed

What's Included

Our typical laptop computer system comes with a power cord. All other accessories and items much be obtained separately.

Additional Items & Accessories


There are three types of monitors available:
15" Flat Screen - $0
17" - 19" Flat Screen - $20
20" Flat Screen - $40

Additional accessories are available at some locations (prices and availability may vary):

  • Speakers
  • Web camera
  • USB flash drive
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless USB adapter

All items are subject to availability. Donation levels at offices and online pricing may differ, depending on availability and customization.


PCs for People laptop computers come with a 90 day hardware warranty, with the exception of laptop batteries, which come with a 7 business day warranty. The hardware warranty covers issues that have not been caused by the user. Issues caused by the user (physical damage, viruses, malware, and other software-related issues) are repaired for a small fee.

After the 90 day warranty we offer an in-store repair program to ensure participants always have a working computer. Read more by clicking here.

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