Technology for Eligible Individuals

PCs for People provides affordable computers and low-cost internet eligible individuals and nonprofits. We offer:

  • Refurbished Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Low-Cost Mobile Internet
  • Affordable Computer Repair

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Getting Computers and Low-Cost Internet: In-store or Online?

PCs for People staff providing a laptop to a recipient.PCs for People offers its refurbished computers and low-cost internet at both its stores and at its online sales site If you live in or near one of our stores in Minnesota or Colorado, we would recommend stopping by to collect your computer or internet hotspot in-person. Our staff can help answers questions and provide helpful information on your new device. If you do not live within a reasonable drive of our stores, our online store offers free shipping to all US states.

Whether you buy online or in-store, make sure to check on which eligibility documentation we accept and head to our Facebook page to see if we have any promotions available.