Fixed Wireless Internet in West Philadelphia

The Connecting Minority Communities initiative is the result of a grant issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration. 

Under the grant, Community College of Philadelphia will work with partners Wilco Electronics and PCs for People to establish and build awareness around a new high-speed broadband network in West Philadelphia, where 300 residents will receive a laptop or desktop, modem, and digital literacy training at no cost.

We have focused on key communities of West Philadelphia because recent studies have shown communities would benefit from a more holistic approach to addressing the digital divide. This approach not only includes affordable connectivity, but the offering of devices, workforce training, digital skills training, and community anchor support and engagement.  

This pilot and our partnership addresses numerous factors to help enable total broadband engagement. We welcome your support and participation and look forward to offering this affordable new option to you and your family.

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