Free Pickup and Certified Data Destruction
R2 Certified Sustainable Recycling

PCs for People provides free e-waste pickup and recycling* of electronic waste from businesses,  educational, governmental organizations. PCs for People has both NAID AAA and R2 certifications, meaning your data is protected through strict adherence to the highest standards of information destruction, hard drive sanitization, and all recycling is environmentally responsible. Since PCs for People accepts nearly all electronic waste - including  computers, peripherals, monitors, cables, drives, and more - you need just one company. 

* PCs for People offers free pick up and processing with a minimum of 15 computers, and other e-waste. There is a charge for recycling CRT monitors and televisions.

A single pickup can be scheduled or setup to reoccur as needed. After being scheduled, a team of workers will arrive at your location and physically remove equipment from storage areas.

A Transfer of Ownership form will be signed by the client and PCs for People at the time of pickup. The Transfer of Ownership notes that PCs for People will adhere to all laws governing disposal, is responsible for data, and accepts all equipment as is. Once loaded, assets are transported to the nearest PCs for People office.

If assets are being removed from your company by staff from the PCs for People St. Paul office, additional data sanitization steps will be taken. To learn more about our NAID AAA certified data sanitization process, visit our Data Sanitization page.

Photos of various RAM and processor chips.

Acceptable Equipment for E-Waste Pickup

  • Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Systems with Core 2 processors or newer will be refurbished
  • Pentium 4 and older will be recycled
  • CRT Monitors (Limited quantities accepted at $0.55 per pound)
  • TVs (Limited quantities accepted at $0.55 per pound)
  • Functional LCD, LED and Plasma Monitors
  • Non-Functional LCD Monitors
  • Keyboards and Mice
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Hard Drives, Memory and Misc Computer Parts
  • Power Cords
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Cables
  • Servers and Network Equipment
  • Modems and Routers
  • Copiers and Plotters (Accepted at $0.25 per pound)
  • Any electronic recycling

Unacceptable Equipment for E-Waste Pickup

  • Any household appliances (e.g microwaves, refrigerators, vacuums)
  • Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels.
  • Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.
  • Any media contaminated with oil.
  • Any liquid.
  • Any chemicals, oils, or powders.
  • Any equipment that contains chemicals of any kind.
  • Any equipment that contains asbestos.
  • Any equipment that contains radioactive components
  • Any equipment that contains Freon.
  • Any materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health problems.

If you're not sure about whether we will accept something or not, call us or email recycle@pcsforpeople.org . We'll generally accept any type of computer or computer accessory!