Why It’s Important to Buy PCs From a Microsoft Authorized Computer Refurbisher

If you’re in the market for a computer but can’t afford a brand-new one, a refurbished personal computer (PC) might be the next best thing. Refurbished PCs offer impressive performance for much less than the price of a new computer.

However, while most refurbished PCs are affordable, they’re not all high quality. The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program sets strict requirements to ensure that customers receive quality refurbished PCs.

This post explains why you should always consider buying your refurbished computers from a Microsoft-authorized refurbisher, such as PCs for People.

What Are Refurbished Electronics?

microsoft authorized computer refurbisher
At PCs for People, we restore electronics to near-factory condition.

Refurbished refers to an electronic device that has been received, inspected, and repaired (if necessary), then resold. Most Americans dump their electronics while they are still functional.

Some people (and organizations) dump the electronics in dump sites, while others decide to resell them. However, buying a PC from a previous user is not the same as buying a refurbished PC.

A refurbished PC is different from a typical pre-owned PC in several ways:

  1. The refurbished PC is inspected and repaired.
  2. Any worn-out or broken parts are replaced with new ones.
  3. Any data on the PC is wiped to avoid corporate security breaches. New operating system software is installed.
  4. The PC is tested and configured for maximum performance and efficiency.

A pre-owned PC comes with any problems it might have accumulated from misuse or age, while a refurbished PC is almost brand new performance-wise.

Refurbishing is a great way to reduce electronic waste by restoring working devices to their factory condition and reselling them. It also gives people who couldn’t afford these electronics brand new a chance to buy and use them.

At PCs for People, we refurbish PCs and other electronics and sell them for a fraction of their original price.

Why Would You Need to Buy a Refurbished PC?

microsoft authorized refurbisher
Buy a refurbished PC to reduce your carbon footprint.

If money was unlimited, everyone might want to buy the latest tech whenever it is released. New PCs have the latest technology, new warranties, and the comfort of knowing you’re the first to use them. However, there are several reasons you might want to consider buying a refurbished computer:

  • To save money: The average price of a new PC is more than $700, which is beyond many people’s budget. At PCs for People, we sell only to low-income households who often can’t afford the high price tags of new technology.
  • For schoolwork: Nowadays, a computer is essential for most schoolwork. Therefore, households with several children might need multiple computers. Buying refurbished PCs can help reduce household expenses.
  • To reduce e-waste: Electronic waste is one of the biggest environmental problems facing our world today. Buying refurbished PCs helps reduce the number of electronics in landfillsffffff.

At PCs for People, we understand that not everyone can afford new PCs, so we give them an affordable alternative that will still meet their needs.

What Is the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program?

When buying refurbished products, you want to ensure they’re legitimate, reliable, professionally prepped, and just like new operationally. Unfortunately, some refurbishers sell preowned PCs without inspecting them for issues or wiping the data stored in their hard drives.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) is a title given to refurbishers by Microsoft to guarantee the legitimacy of a seller’s products. The primary difference between ordinary, medium-sized refurbishers and Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers is that the latter must ensure all approved standards are met.

PCs for People is one of the few Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the U.S., indicating our products’ quality.

Benefits of Buying PCs From a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

As a member of the MAR program, we follow Microsoft’s guidelines for restoring PCs to their factory state.

We Restore the PCs to Like-New Condition

Preowned PCs often have faulty parts and cosmetic damage. We clean, repair, and replace parts that don’t perform as expected.

We also wipe all the data from our devices before reselling them. Data wiping is an essential security measure taken by all Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers. This protects the previous users from potential data security breaches.

We Optimize the PCs for Performance

We also have access to Microsoft engineers who specialize in refurbished devices. They help us find drivers and configurations suitable for each device.

This optimizes the device’s performance, even on older hardware.

We Have Access to Genuine Microsoft Software

microsoft authorized refurbisher
We optimize the refurbished PCs for high performance.

More importantly, as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we install genuine Microsoft software on all our PCs. This includes the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, and more.

Microsoft gives us a specially designed Windows certificate for each computer to ensure it’s using genuine Microsoft Windows software.

Buying refurbished computers from unauthorized dealers might put you at risk of using unlicensed Microsoft software, which could have negative consequences.

Not only are these PCs vulnerable to malware, but they’re also not well optimized, which can result in performance issues, even with capable hardware.

How to Get a Microsoft Authorized Refurbished PC

PCs for People is one of the best Microsoft refurbishers in the U.S. We offer high-quality refurbished tech to low-income and disadvantaged groups at a bargain.

Our products are available in different locations around the U.S., including Denver, Baltimore, Kansas City, Cleveland, St. Paul, Atlanta, and other cities.

While we’d like to provide affordable tech to everyone, our focus is on those who need it the most. Therefore, to buy a PC from us, you need to meet our income-eligibility guidelines.

Our customers must currently be in a government-based assistance program and/or have a household income of 200% FPL or less OR 60% area median income or less.

We also sell bulk refurbished PCs to educational institutions, charitable organizations, and other nonprofits.

Get a Properly Licensed Refurbished PC at PCs for People Today!

We sell affordable refurbished PCs to nonprofit organizations.
We sell affordable refurbished PCs to nonprofit organizations.

If you’re looking for a high-quality refurbished computer, look no further. PCs for People is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. We sell everything from laptops to desktop computers.

All our PCs have properly licensed, genuine Windows software and performance-tuned hardware. They are also repaired cosmetically to return them to near-factory condition.

We also offer internet access and digital skills training. Additionally, we offer affordable computer repairs for everyone at our retail locations.

If you feel you meet our requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us or look up a physical store near you.