We guarantee your data security with
certified data destruction.

PCs for People is the only recycler in Minnesota and one of only two in Colorado to offer both NAID AAA-certified data sanitization and R2-certified e-waste recycling. These rigorous certifications assure that your data is protected through strict adherence to the highest standards of information destruction, hard drive sanitization, and all recycling is environmentally responsible.
PCs for People:
• Recycles almost every type of corporate electronic waste - for free.
• Is a single source for free pickup and processing of computers, peripherals, monitors, cables, and more
• Provides free, guaranteed secure NAID AAA-certified data sanitization
• Is a certified R2 Responsible Recycler

Guaranteeing Your Data Is Always Secure

PCs for People Employees

We realize that a data breech could be catastrophic to your business. That’s why PCs for People stringently restricts access to hard drives and other media to specific workers called “Access Employees”. Every Access Employee has passed a criminal background check, drug screening, employment history verification, and an I-9 verification. Additionally, they have signed a confidentiality agreement protecting the confidentiality of all information in our custody. At all times during the data sanitization or destruction process, a customer's hard drives are under the supervision of a certified Access Employee.

A stack of desktop computers being tested after data sanitization.

Collection and Transport

When PCs for People staff arrive at a customer's facility to collect equipment, the customer and PCs for People staff complete transfer of ownership and NAID-certified data destruction request forms. From that point on, PCs for People is legally responsible for the equipment and the data, which are covered by our $3 million liability insurance policy. Computers and other equipment are loaded into our truck for transportation to PCs for People's secure warehouse. All electronics are secured within the vehicle to prevent loss from theft, wind, tipping/spillage, or atmospheric conditions.