Testimonial from a Telehealth Program: Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center

Today we’re proud to share a testimonial from Comprehensive Behavioral Heath Center (CBHC), a telehealth program that we have donated 60 Chromebooks to between May 1st and June 12th of this year. The program continues to see a huge need for these Chromebooks and funding for the distribution of WiFi hotspots to customers to be able to connect with telehealth providers and self-care classes. We have done a Mental Health Fair (5/25/23) with CBHC this year and heard the same complaints about the lack of connectivity among patients from others in the industry. Thank you to CBHC for their partnership and their kind words!

“We are so grateful to have partnered with PCs for People. Due to a nationwide shortage of clinicians, we recently began a tele-behavioral health program at the Center. The program aims to lessen wait times for clients who are ready to commit to addressing their mental health needs.  Many of our consumers lack financial resources and most do not have a device to conduct their session. To help us address this digital divide, the amazing individuals from PCs for People have donated Chromebooks to present to any individual in need of a device at no cost.  The clients are very thankful to have this option as conducting tele-behavioral health sessions in their home provides flexibility so they do not have to worry about transportation, missing work, or in some cases finding child care. In addition to having access to their mental health needs, individuals can also use the free devices to access the internet for other important aspects of life. One excited individual is able to stream free tv on the device as he previously only had his phone which had a cracked screen. Another individual recently released from prison indicated they were going to use it to help them start a lawn care business.  

PC’s for People has helped us provide mental health services to individuals in need as well as assist in improving their quality of life. In addition, they are very responsive to questions and offer guidance regarding different programs that are available to our consumers. This is a remarkable organization and the Center is so lucky to have found them. They truly are working to increase digital equity for those in need.”