Providing Digital Support for Low-Income Residents

Providing Digital Support for Low-Income Residents
As technology continues to play a crucial role in everyday life, offering comprehensive digital support can significantly enhance the overall living experience for low-income residents. By implementing a range of digital support services, property managers can create a thriving, connected community that caters to the diverse needs of its residents. To give your residents holistic digital support, consider the following strategies:

  1. High-speed Internet Access: Access to high-speed Internet is necessary in today’s connected world. By ensuring that your low-income residential community is equipped with reliable and high-speed internet access, you can empower residents to stay connected, work from home, and access online resources seamlessly. 
  2. Technology Education and Training: Many low-income residents may need assistance navigating digital tools and platforms. Offering technology education and training sessions can help residents become more proficient in using digital devices, accessing online services, and staying safe online.
  3. Certified Data Destruction: Data security is a top priority. With our certified e-recycling services, you can confidently dispose of your retired technology. To maintain your organization’s reputation as a trustworthy brand, you must ensure that your company’s and customers’ sensitive information is secure. We provide complimentary data sanitization for every device using DOD, HIPAA, and NIST 800-88 compliant software. If not all data can be destroyed, we responsibly dispose of the physical assets through an eStewards or R2-certified organization.


Property managers can create an environment where low-cost residents can participate in the digital age while feeling supported and connected by focusing on high-speed internet access, technology education, and security data destruction. Your support helps us close the digital divide and make digital inclusion a reality. Please consider donating to join our mission.

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