400 Computers for La Plata County Kids to be Distributed August 6

Denver, CO – COVID-19 was the catalyst that brought together representatives from Alpine Bank, the Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County, United Way, the Durango Education Foundation, the Durango School District 9-R and the nonprofit PCs for People.  In response to the digital divide that impacted area families as they transitioned to home-based distance learning in March, Alpine Bank formalized the PCs for Kids team.

Through electronic reuse PCs for People provides the opportunity for low-income individuals and nonprofits to benefit from the life changing impact of computers and mobile internet. Earlier this year Alpine Bank

upgraded its technology infrastructure and in keeping with its commitment to green business practices, the Bank donated their retired computers to PCs for People.

At the early August distribution event, 400 area families will receive a desktop computer with a 19” flat screen, Intel i3 or superior processor, web camera, Windows 10, WiFi Adaptor, 90-day warranty, LibreOffice Productivity Software and computer literacy training (in English or Spanish).  Additionally, families will receive one-year of local tech support and access to discounted internet services.

The Durango School District 9-R led the initiative to identify financially vulnerable families with school-age children who currently lack a home computer to help with schoolwork.  The distribution event will be overseen by representatives from the Denver office of PCs for People, with assistance from the PCs for Kids team.

The cost to each family is $20 per computer, need-based financial assistance is available to eliminate any financial barriers.  To offset the $40,000 project costs, the PCs for Kids team secured donations from area businesses and civic groups.

“As an educator in rural Colorado, on a daily basis, I see the impact of the digital divide.  While some progress has been made to address this divide, we still have technology inequities across our community.  Technology limitations, unreliable or no internet access, creates barriers for our students.  If left unchecked, over time, these issues create an uneven playing field and ultimately learning gaps for our students. The PCs for Kids project will improve access for our students, especially our at-risk student population.  Alpine Bank is leading the way by ensuring more of our students have computers and related technology services at home. This collaborative effort is one way we are partnering with the community to improve digital inclusion, thereby strengthening the digital literacy of our each of our students.  We are both humbled and excited about this initiative, and the noteworthy impact being made possible through this partnership” Andy Burns, Deputy Superintendent, Durango School District 9-R

The PCs for Kids team looks forward to students having greater academic resources through this project, as well as virtual access to school support services, telehealth and fun digitally based activities such as the free daily virtual sessions hosted by the Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County.

The second phase of the PCs for Kids project is a free electronic recycling event.  Community businesses and individuals are invited to donate acceptable items for PCs for People to recycle.

Recycle Event Information: 

  • Personal Consumer Drop-Off Thurs, August 6 (1-5:00pm), Durango High School. Acceptable individual donations to be brought to Durango High School include only computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Business Recycle Day , August 7 by appointment only, convenient pick-up at businesses (15 computer minimum required) / Contact PC’s for People to schedule an appointment (recycle@pcsforpeople.org or 720-452-1548)
  • Acceptable business donations include desktops, laptops, flat screen monitors, keyboards, printers, speakers, hard drives and other computer parts, power cords and cables, servers and networking equipment.

Eric Eicher, Alpine Bank President, community challenge, “as part of the Bank’s commitment to narrowing the digital divide and our commitment to the environment, Alpine Bank donated 420 computers to PCs for People.  These same computers have been refurbished and are being redistributed to families in our Durango community.  As part of the August Recycle Event, we challenge local businesses to do the same.  We would like to collect at least 400 computers and related technology tools for PCs for People – the same number of computers PCs for People is distributing to area families.”


About PCs for People:

Founded in 1998, PCs for People is a national leader in digital inclusions.  As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, every project, program and initiative at PCs for People is centered on getting low-cost computers and affordable broadband internet into the homes of low-income individuals.  To date, PCs for People have distributed over 115,000 computers, subscribed 96,000 families to low-cost internet, and recycled 7 million pounds of electronics.

PCs for People Certified ITAD Services include NAID Certified, HIPAA, DOD, NIST Compliance and R2 Certified Electronics Recycling.

PCs for People’s model contributes to environmental sustainability by intercepting usable computers before they reach landfills and refurbishing them for reuse.  Businesses typically retire computers long before their usable life, contributing to America becoming the largest producer of electronic waster in the world.  Businesses are offered a certified secure electronic recycling service.  This IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service is free and offers benefits such as privacy and total data security that businesses would ordinarily have to pay for.  Any usable computers obtained through this service have their data securely wiped using PCs for People’s NAID AAA certified process and are then refurbished for distribution.  Environmental certifications ensure that all electronic waste that is not used is recycled sustainably with zero-landfill impact.  For more information: pscforpeople.org

Media Contact: Tony Frank 303-961-8340