PCs For People Receives $100,000 Grant from KeyBank to Support Equitable Access to Technology

PCs For People Receives $100,000 Grant from KeyBank to Support Equitable Access to TechnologyKeyBank granted $100,000 to PCs for People Colorado to launch the Technology Education Access (TEA) Program. The program helps low-income households access computers and digital skills training. PCs for People Colorado offers affordable refurbished computers, internet access, and digital skills training to low-income families in the Denver metropolitan area. 

This grant will empower disadvantaged families with the technology, training, and skills needed to succeed in school and achieve sustainable employment. The TEA program will provide digital literacy training to more than 1,000 low-income individuals, supported by a network of nonprofit partners. This includes measurable assessments, certificates, and certification pathways through educational programs such as Grow with Google workshops and Northstar Digital Literacy. PCs for People’s will provide 500 refurbished computers to program participants through the grant. Participants will complete selected certificates and certification programs to receive devices at no cost, making the program an exceptional opportunity for those striving to improve their lives. 

PCs for People is an organization that has made a significant impact through its TEA Program since its launch in late 2023. The program has reached almost 200 individuals through Grow with Google workshops and has offered successful in-person Foundations of Digital Literacy classes in partnership with Jewish Family Service in Denver. The classes have helped students earn nationally recognized certificates from Northstar Digital Literacy, with an impressive success rate of 95% in the first session. PCs for People expresses gratitude to the KeyBank Foundation for their support and emphasized the importance of providing education initiatives to those in need. By recycling and refurbishing computers, we offer a valuable service for businesses, families, and the planet by keeping computers out of landfills and repurposing them to advance digital inclusion. Join us in supporting our mission to bridge the digital divide and promote digital equity in our communities.