PCs for People Collaboration with NISA Investment Advisors

PCs for People Collaboration with NISA Investment Advisors. NISA Investment Advisors, LLC is a distinguished financial organization that oversees portfolios for some of the most prominent institutional investors globally. Their proficiency encompasses investment-grade fixed income, derivative overlays, and index-like equity investments, catering to the diverse requirements of their clientele. Notably, NISA’s 100% employee-ownership structure sets the firm apart, fostering a culture of unwavering commitment and exacting responsibility. In addition to their financial prowess, NISA upholds a dedication to employee engagement and community collaboration. Confronted with ethically disposing of retired computers, the company sought a solution aligned with its values. This led to a partnership with PCs for People, a nonprofit organization committed to narrowing the digital divide. Through this seamless collaboration, NISA entrusted PCs for People with their retired hardware. With meticulous attention, all data will be securely erased, and the hardware will be repurposed to support the organization’s digital equity mission. We extend our appreciation to NISA Investment Advisors, LLC for their steadfast commitment to community empowerment and their meaningful collaboration with PCs for People.