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Image of Robert Belton

Robert Belton
Advisory Board Member

Robert Belton is currently the Chief Information Officer for Nurse-Family Partnership. He graduated from Morningside College in 1995 and has been involved in supporting, implementing and leading technology initiatives and teams since the late 1990’s. Prior to joining Nurse-Family Partnership, Belton worked in support of NASA’s Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership developing software to support their teambuilding, leadership and management initiatives. He has also served as chief technology officer for an online learning company. Robert is a Colorado native and lives in Denver with his wife and three children.

Andy Davis
Advisory Board Member

An eighteen-year veteran of communications strategy and public affairs and a Colorado native, Andy is a Director of Government Affairs in Comcast’s Mountain West Region. He leads Comcast’s external affairs and economic development work with public officials and business leaders in the western part of the Denver Metro Area, Boulder, and Colorado’s mountain communities. Combining a decade of experience on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., corporate public affairs experience, and an MBA, Andy is skilled at building productive, results-oriented communication between private sector organizations and influential public stakeholders. Additionally, he brings to the PCs for People Advisory Board a long-time personal and professional interest in social enterprise.

Hanna Patterson
Advisory Board Member

Hanna Patterson is a Manager in Deloitte Consulting's Social Impact Practice. She has over eight years of consulting experience and has served clients across the non-profit, life sciences, and health care industries. She has a particular interest in promoting collaboration between the private and social sectors to help address some of our most challenging problems. Hanna lives in Denver with her husband and dog.

Tracey Monteiro
Advisory Board Member

Tracey is the Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) Career Advisor & Coach at Community College of Aurora. The SWFI, in partnership with the US Department of Labor, allows the Community College of Aurora to help parents access jobs in high demand industries (Healthcare, Information Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing), while addressing a common barrier parents face, childcare. The program offers a sustainable solution for a family seeking independence and self-sufficiency. The program pairs students with:  A bridge program to prepare them for college-level courses; an Achievement coach to help them navigate challenges to the higher education process and expectations; A Childcare Navigator to address their childcare needs; and the Career Advisor to assist with the job placement process.

Mark Marshall
Advisory Board Member

Mark Marshall is the Real Estate Director at the Urban Land Conservancy and brings over 28 years of experience in the building/development industry.  Mark ‘s  wealth of knowledge spans a variety of development types that include government facilities and military family housing, affordable housing, mixed-use, mixed-income, market-rate and student housing.   As  a developer,  he has participated in the construction, rehabilitation and preservation of over 2,300 single-family and  multi-family  affordable  housing, as  well as  over 1,700 units of market rate housing.

David Marshall
Advisory Board Member

David is the Senior Vice President and Depository Relationship Manager at BBVA, covering all markets throughout Colorado. David has over 25 years of experience understanding the pain points of complex depository and treasury management clients, and providing the right solutions to solve those needs. Marshall has served on the Board of Directors for Colorado’s Treasury Management Association ( and earned the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credential in 1998. He is active in Boy Scouts of America, where he currently serves as District Finance Chair and Unit Commissioner. In 2010 David was recognized as a recipient of the Banker of Distinction award from Colorado Bankers Association. He is a graduate of Utah State University (BA) and Colorado State University (MS).