PCs for People is now offering low-cost fixed wireless internet to residents of De Graff in Logan County, Ohio. Fixed wireless is an internet solution offered to urban and rural neighborhoods. Using a signal sent from the main access point to receivers installed around the community, fixed wireless offers high-speed internet to small and underserved areas.

Modem & Plan Information

Modems are priced at $120. Plans are priced at $15/month with download speeds up to 50mbps and upload speeds up to 10mbps.

Current PCs for People customers with a Sprint hotspot can trade in for credit toward their new modem. Call 216-352-5594 for details.

De Graff Coverage Area

Sign Me Up!

If you are a De Graff resident in the coverage area above* who is interested in signing up for internet service, please fill out the form below. We will check your address for coverage and be in touch soon! 

*Coverage area is approximate. PCs for People will verify coverage before completing your purchase. 

Schools and other organizations interested in bringing this service to their area, click here