Mission Moment

The mass closings of schools and public places is putting a spotlight on the lack of digital equity our country faces. PCs for People received a call from a school case manager, asking if we would be willing to deliver a few computers who really needed it. Home delivery is not a typical option, but our staff is overly dedicated to the mission, we said yes.

The student is a senior in high school, 18 and living on his own due to several circumstances. When we went to the student's one room apartment, it was empty except for a sleeping bag, some clothes, and assorted groceries... that was it.

The student was openly depressed and terrified of the idea of being alone and without school for three weeks. The student was very concerned about falling behind on college applications, school work, and becoming completely out of touch with the world.

Thanks to generous funding, we were able to equip this student, and other students in similar situations, with a laptop and a Mobile Beacon internet hotspot and service. This was a true mission moment, and an insight into the impact we have every day but might not be able to see.

Recent events spotlight the gaps in our community through the digital divide. Our work has a huge impact on the many people who are facing social isolation with the fear of being digitally disconnected.

As our organization prepares for an increase of need, we will be sharing stories of success and ways our community can support each other.