For Immediate Release
March 17, 2020

PCs for People is in Desperate Need of Corporate Computer Donations to Address Demand

  • PCs for People is a local nonprofit dedicated to digital inclusion by giving access to affordable technology through the reuse of professionally refurbished computers
  • The demand for technology is drastically increased due to school closures
  • Urgent need of computer donations to keep up with current demand

Our services at PCs for People are needed more than ever right now in order to make education equitable for all children, access to telehealth, and access to information during extreme isolation for seniors. PCs for People is uniquely positioned as an organization to provide an increased number of computers and internet access during a time where these resources are in more demand than ever.


“The need to digitally connect our underserved communities is more vital than ever.  To meet the demands, we are in desperate need of companies to donate their unused computers.” – Tina Stennes, PCs for People National Communications Director

The ability to provide low-cost technology is dependent on our company partners that use PCs for People’s ITAD (IT Asset Disposition Services). We offer secure data destruction and recycling services holding the highest standard of certification for both security (NAID Certification) and responsible recycling (R2 Certified).

The PCs for People’s professional technicians securely removes all sensitive data, refurbishes reusable donations, and puts them back into the community to address digital equity.

With the number of requests we are receiving for computers from families, school districts, and nonprofit organizations, we are struggling to keep up with the demand. Also, due to the increased number of layoffs, we have families struggling to pay for their internet service, and children without a computer at home to complete their distance learning.

Since 1998,  PCs for People has been able to provide computers to more than 115,000 individuals in all 50 states and connected over 96,000 people to low-cost internet. We haven’t been able to do this work without the help of our community partners.

If your company has computers to recycle, now is the time to act!

Please contact to discuss our services and pick up and drop off logistics.


Other ways the community can help

Please stay home if you are sick. If you are sick, please avoid coming into our store locations. PCs for People has phone and email support to assist with questions.

Consider a monetary donation. Every dollar donated will directly impact individuals who are in desperate need of computers and internet due to mandatory closures.  DONATE NOW



Since 1998, PCs for People has been a driving force behind digital inclusion efforts across the US. We are a self-sustainable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is a national leader in digital inclusion.  Our mission is to give low-income individuals access to computers, internet, digital literacy, and ongoing technology support.   Guided by strong leadership and a dedicated team, we have provided computers to over 115,000 people, 96,000 have access to mobile internet, and recycled millions of pounds of electronics.

Tina Stennes – National Director of Communications