Technology is a vital part of human existence in todays digital world.  Without internet or a computer it is difficult to gain access to sustainable employment, digitally assigned homework, health records, and support programs.  Access to affordable technology, internet, and digital literacy can be a life or death situation.  New research has shown that isolation is a major health hazard especially for older adults that are constrained to their homes by a disability or lack of community.

"Isolation refers to a sense of loneliness and lack of connection.  It impacts our physical and mental health as significantly as smoking 15 or more cigarettes daily." - Gary Oftedahl, MD - Kairos Alive Board Chair

Caretakers and health professionals are exploring the challenges, barriers, and opportunities of older people to use the internet and digital technology to live more independent and fulfilling lives.  Digital inclusion is not just about connecting our community with technology and internet, it is also about providing ways for people to use technology to better their lives and become a full participant in todays society.

Fortunately there are incredible organizations like Kairos Alive that is dedicated to the health of isolated individuals through the use of Zoom Video Communications and Interactive Arts and Dance.   Kairos Alive utilizes technology to teach dancing and wellness to elderly communities, and those with disabilities that are suffering from isolation.