PCs for People Ohio is proud to partner with the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging (NCBA) to provide training for older adults to re-enter or advance in the workforce. Since opening in October 2018 we have hosted three trainees in both our customer service and warehouse operations, and have been very grateful for the skills and positive attitudes that they have brought to the team. The Cleveland NCBA office places trainees with a variety of organizations across Northeast Ohio and also hosts regular professional development workshops for all trainees. In advance of resume workshops held for all of their participants in June, PCs for People partnered with NCBA to offer we offered free MS Office with any computer purchase during the week of May 20-24. NCBA shared eligibility documents and helped set up appointments to streamline the process for all their participants. 10 individuals received computers during “NCBA Buy Week,” and many more learned about ongoing opportunities to access technology through PCs for People at their professional development workshops in May. Additionally, NCBA trainee Esther Wills shared information about PCs for People at a city-wide Senior Day that took place during the same week. PCs for People Ohio looks forward to continuing to develop our partnership with NCBA through employment training, technology access, and additional opportunities to come.