On Monday, December 3, PCs for People distributed desktop computers to over 50 low-income, K-5 children and families at STRIVE Prep School at Ruby Hill in Denver, Colorado.

“For many of these families, this is the first computer they’ve ever owned”, said PCs for People’s Development Manager, Tony Frank. “Having technology at home means the children can more effectively and efficiently work on school work. The parents have access to core resources such as banking and health care through the technology as well.”

PCs for People is a key digital inclusion resource for low-income families throughout Colorado with the goal of giving everyone access to high-quality computers, low-cost internet and productivity software. To date PCs for People has distributed over 1000 low-income students and their families, since opening their doors in Denver in 2016.

In addition to the computers, recipients at distributions are also provided a digital literacy training presentation in English and Spanish. These are typically presented by by PCs for People’s multi-lingual Operations Manager, Alejandro Dopico. “Because this technology is new to most of these recipients, and because they are taking these computers home today, the training, just to get them started is very important,” says Dopico.

Colorado schools qualifying for these distributions have at least 75% of students qualifying for the free and reduced lunch program. To set up a distribution, a school’s family liaison or community outreach person can contact Tony Frank at afank@pcsforpeople.org or 303-961-8340.

“A call or email inquiry gets the ball rolling. Once we identify some interest with the school and their student body, we can send fliers and everything the school will need to take the next steps. Because we only do one or two of these distributions a month, it can take a few months to get the distribution event set in place. But once it takes place the rewards and benefits of these kids and their families having the technology at home is immediate”, says Frank.