With new recycling partners choosing to provide PCs for People Denver with their e-waste, we’ll be able to keep our warehouse open longer and provide even more technology to low-income residents in Colorado.

The PCs for People warehouse located on Lipan St in Denver is the staging location for everything that comes in and goes out. Donations, pickups, supplies, shipments and equipment all come through the warehouse for sorting and selection for transfer to our nearby storefront at 1548 W. Alameda in Denver.

Thanks to several new recycling partners coming on board, including Western Union, Kroenke Sports and Denver Health, we’ll be able to keep our Denver warehouse open longer each week. Aaron Berke, PCs for People’s Warehouse Technician and Volunteer Coordinator, will be going from part time to Full time at our Denver Warehouse Location (60 Lipan St.), beginning November 1, 2018.

“I feel like having the warehouse open five days a week will be good for everyone,” Aaron explained. Good indeed. Having Aaron in our warehouse means PCs for People can increase weekly donation drop off hours from 24 hours to 40 hours. This will increase inventory, mitigate donor confusion and allow us to have more computers available to address the digital divide.

Because of the volume of inventory that comes in as donations and from recycling partners, PCs for People is continually tasked with separating & dismantling responsibly-recycled parts from the technology we can safely re-use and re-purpose for the low income community. “Having additional volunteers in the warehouse over the course of the week will give us the workforce we need to stay on top of our increasing inventory”, explains Aaron. “I will continue to oversee those volunteers.” Anyone interested in Volunteering should reach out to Aaron at aberke(at)pcsforpeople.org.

We will also benefit by increasing internship hours. PCs for People has an effective “program within a program” where we have regular high school and college –age kids learn the basics of computer assembly and disassembly.  “They learn a lot about technology and good work habits while here, and the reward at the end is they get to build their own computer and take it home. The hours and work our interns provide for PCs for People can’t be underestimated”, says PCs for People’s Denver Operations Director, Alejandro Dopico.  “Having more intern shifts and hours means our bread and butter workforce in the warehouse can keep up with the increase in materials coming in and going out of this facility.” For Internship Inquiries, call Aaron again at aberke(at)pcsforpeople.org.

Please join us in wishing Aaron the best of luck as he takes on additional hours and responsibility here at PCs for People’s Denver location.