• Students in Rwanda using computers initially obtained from PCs for PeopleStudents in Rwanda using computers initially obtained from PCs for People

Earlier this fall, PCs for People provided the St James Presbyterian Church in Denver with six laptop computers that were then delivered to the Shalom Community Organization in Rwanda. Students at Shalom were enrolled in a digital literacy course and were able to use the computers to help with their national exam studies.

We’re proud to have been able to assist with St James Presbyterian Church and Shalom Community Organization’s work in helping bridge the digital divide in Rwanda.

We received a note from Mukunzi Jean Paul at the Shalom Community Organization that you can read below:

We are pleased to let you know that the laptops have already begun to help the students in their ICT skills. As the students were approaching their national exam, Shalom Community Organization provided internet for the national examination candidates to study and research. The other club members were also trained on internet surfing where they accessed the internet for research.

They were able to create a presentation from their research which made it clear this was crucial opportunity where they acquired information needed to be used during the exams. We also helped them learn to use e-mail and each one created his/her own email account.

Through the pictures you will see how happy the students are and they really appreciate the laptops you provided for them.

We are arranging another ICT training that will be provided to the youths from shalom football clubs.

May God bless all of you

Jean Paul

Shalom Community Organization