2015 bremer wrap upThe holiday season came early for PCs for People in December of 2013. We were awarded a grant by the Otto Bremer Foundation to distribute 2,400 home computers to low-income students and their families through our PCs for Kids program, affecting a total of 4,320 kids.

A pilot program launched in 2010, PCs for Kids was designed to provide home computers to families with school-aged children. Our PCs for Kids program partners with elementary schools and headstart programs to provide access to digital resources for school aged children.

Through the PCs for Kids program and thanks to Bremer grant, our PCs for People staff were able to extend the reach of our services to 7,920 people! The dedicated members of our staff traveled to twenty-one cities across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Each city we visited had its own set of obstacles to overcome. From navigating the rugged winter terrain of these snowy Midwestern landscapes, to becoming acquainted with the unique constraints that arise out of collaborating with community members for the first time, our PCs for People staff overcame several hurdles.

The PCs for People truck travelled over 5,000 miles to meet the goals of this grant, miles well spent. The thousands of smiles we received along the way let us know the project was a tremendous success. had its own set of obstacles to overcome.